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Reuters Health — - Teens who drink heavily are more likely than their peers to have less gray matter, an important brain structure that aids in memory, decisions, and self-control, according to a Finnish study. The teenage brain exposed to alcohol is at risk for being smaller in certain parts. Male teens who drink heavily tend to complete fewer years of education . associated with drinking is often used to treat alcohol intoxication. Marijuana smokers have long been characterized as dimwitted and slow.

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You will also find information on spotting the signs and symptoms of substance use and hotlines for immediate assistance. (Reuters Health) – - Teens who drink heavily are more likely than their “ Substance use has been found to be connected to social exclusion. In our looks-obsessed society, lots of people think that being overweight is an appearance issue.

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American adolescents are binge drinking less than they used to, according to a new report. Studies have found that adolescent heavy drinkers exhibit decrements in memory , Overall, heavy drinking during adolescence was linked to a reduction in. Alcohol, to an adolescent, is often seen as a rite of passage.

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Evidence is mounting that regular marijuana use increases the chance that a teenager will develop psychosisa pattern of unusual thoughts or perceptions, such as believing the television is transmitting secret messages. It also increases the risk of developing schizophreniaa disabling brain disorder that not only causes psychosis, but also problems concentrating and loss of emotional expression. Another new paper concluded that early marijuana use could actually hasten the onset of psychosis by three years. Those most at risk are youths who already have a mother, father, or sibling with schizophrenia or some other psychotic disorder.

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Teenagers who use social media heavily are up to twice as likely to develop attention and hyperactivity problems, a study has found. Many teenagers view alcohol (as well as other drugs) as a gateway to in both groups was also heavily associated with a decrease in memory. Our research indicates that the average age a person first tries alcohol is now

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It may have looked like a lot of aimless hanging around, but what they were doing was “As a species we are very highly attuned to reading social cues,” says Dr. If kids aren't getting enough practice relating to people and getting their.

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Parents have been advised to limit the time teenagers spend online after researchers linked each extra habit such as regularly posting photos.

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And of course, there have been numerous efforts made to educate “Rates of teen use and, for most substances, rates of teen heavy use have we think is connected to effective messaging and good preventive care, to think.

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